Our Melbourne Fundraising Party was a huge success.  We sincerely thank everyone that helped along the way as well as everyone that came by.

(Video // Gavin Banks at Good Eye Deer, Edited // Oscar Strangio, Song // Fire in Your Skies by Kahlia)

Our total raised for this party

$800 AUD

Special Thanks to:

Dexter Bar

Photography Andrew Raymond

Everyone at Dexter supported us without flinching.  They also make wicked cocktails, have great beer on tap, and sling a mean bowl of chili.  Everything about this place rocks.  Find them here.





Kwencher Beer

This juicy peach and black tea infused lager kept everyone refreshed and we can’t thank them enough.  Check them out online here.









All the amazing musicians that donated their time and talent.

Special thanks to Nat and Paul of Kahlia for all their organizational help.

And to the following artists for being great:

Tully Sumner

Kate Walker

Tim Woods

and Jimmy